Rajasthan Roots is a collective, and with hundreds of performances all around the world for over a decade, we have had the privilege to feature and promote the top folk talent of Rajasthan and collaborate with several national and international musicians to create the new sounds of Rajasthan.

Adi Bhasin, who formed the band in 2003 has been an integral part of producing, managing and performing with the band since its inception. This has allowed the band to retain its integral mission of creativity and experimentation, while still being rooted in the folk culture of Rajasthan. He states “while keeping the essence of the folk culture intact, we are trying to create an international sound of Rajasthan, while giving each artist a platform for creativity and expression, allowing them to realise their true potential. Folk culture does need preservation, but the contemporary folk musician must leave the future generations with their own creative legacy”.

The core group of musicians mostly remains the same, allowing for a consistent sound and performance standard, but the band is constantly searching and promoting the future folk stars of Rajasthan.

Band Members


Adi Bhasin

Producer/ Manager / Singer/ Guitar

Vir Singh - Drums


Bismillah Khan

Lead Vocals


Iqbal Khan - Dholak / Vocals


Kusumakar Pandya

Bamboo Flute



Bass Guitar